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Our Center

Far East Holistic Health Care Center

Dr. Thomas Lee Clinic Staff1

Office Team Members of Far East Holistic Health Care Center – June 2015
From left to right: Jackson Dodd, John Cory, Shan Xiao, Ming Tong,
Dr. Thomas Lee, Lori Koo, Lorie Cory, Wendy Shen.

Dr. Thomas Lee Clinic Staff2

Office Team Members of Far East Holistic Health Care Center – June 2015
Front row from left to right: Dr. Thomas Lee, Lori Koo, Jackson Dodd, Shan Xiao, Ming Tong, John Cory. Back row from left to right: Lorie Cory, Wendy Shen.

Welcome to Far East Holistic Health Care Center, located in South Pasadena, California. We provide service to patients in Los Angeles and all surrounding areas.

Now, a bit about our Center.

We are unique and different from mainstream medicine. We don’t just treat a symptom; we treat your entire being. How did you get sick? Regardless of the answer, we strive to get to the very root of your illness or injury. We offer Relief Care, Corrective Care, and Maintenance & Wellness Care. At Far East Holistic Health Care Center, you won’t be handed a prescription for a pharmaceutical and sent on your way to see a specialist. We already specialize in healing you! Dr. Lee is an extremely knowledgeable acupuncture doctor. Our staff also includes two highly experienced therapists with special training in Chinese style soft tissue care using massage and hand manipulation.

In a typical first visit, you will complete some paperwork. This is the ONLY part of our practice that resembles the kind of medical visit you might be used to. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture offer you a holistic approach to your health issues, with no adverse side effects! Once the paperwork is completed, you will meet with Dr. Lee to discuss your state of health. Dr. Lee will outline a specific course of treatment for you based upon the findings of his evaluation. From there you will be taken to one of our three private treatment rooms, where you will be seen by Dr. Lee and possibly one or both of his expert therapists.

If this is your first visit to an acupuncture clinic, you may be wondering, “Does acupuncture hurt?” You might think acupuncture is like being injected with a hypodermic needle. Rest assured this is not the case at all! Acupuncture needles are thin like cats’ whiskers. Often patients don’t feel them at all. Dr. Lee’s expertise in placement and insertion of acupuncture needles is superior. Many, many patients fall asleep during acupuncture treatment and wake feeling blissful and rejuvenated!

After your treatment, you may be given some herbs and possibly some instructions in exercises you can do at home to promote the harmony of chi healing. Of course, this is only an overview of a typical first visit. Each patient is different and each patient has a healing plan tailored especially for his or her own needs.

Dr. Lee has over 30 years of experience in his practice, and has treated thousands of patients. As you canvass this website, you will notice he has been interviewed many times over the years by various media. The media seek out Dr. Lee because they regard him as an expert in his field. He has also received Honors and Recognition from our Congress and Senate. Years ago he started a free Tai chi/Qi gong exercise class in a public park in Glendale, California, long before this movement was popular and mainstream.  And, although he no longer personally teaches the class, it is a tribute to the health benefits derived from Tai chi and Qi gong that the class continues even today!

Many patients travel significant distances to see this special doctor. Some come from outside the L.A. area, while others even come from out of state! Many of Dr. Lee’s patients are long- time patients, which means that when they feel the need for a doctor, they will see him for help and advice before seeing a Western medical doctor or allopathic specialist. Many of his patients have come to see the Far East Holistic Health Care Center as their primary healthcare center! They no longer view Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture as a last resort; they see it as a first line of defense for maintaining their good health.