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The Gift Of Good Health

“I was experiencing a growing feeling of dizziness and lethargy upon waking during the past year. Normal tasks drained me of my energy and sometimes even my patience. I had complained to a local doctor of the dizziness and he gave me a prescription that left me feeling sleepy, yet did not eliminate the dizziness. Several months later my menstrual cycle became erratic. My body did not seem to signal the time of cessation. It became an effort to hold myself erect and there was an ongoing feeling of discomfort in my pelvic and abdominal area all the time. My normal sleeping patterns were disturbed and when I did sleep, it was a restless and fitful few hours.

A local doctor had suggested that I have a D&C in an effort to regulate my bleeding and if that proved ineffective, a hysterectomy would be recommended. No cysts or tumors had been detected.

I was so disheartened and discouraged to think that these were the only options that could be offered. I decided to explore the possibilities of a more holistic approach to my illness.

When I met with Dr. Lee, he listened thoughtfully to all my symptoms that I had encountered and asked very careful and deliberate questions. After my examination, he confirmed what I already knew deep in my heart. My Chi or energy had deteriorated substantially.

He did, however, feel that my problems could be helped through his care and treatments. The feeling of desperation was lifting already and I started to feel a real sense of hope. He said that he believed that within a week or so I would feel at least 50% better, and with his care and guidance I could look forward to a full recovery. This was wonderful news!

After the first treatment, my bleeding ceased the following day. I could already feel some of the tenderness and discomfort subside. The following week offered even more benefits. With the acupuncture, acupressure, and the herbs he prescribed, my energy was quickly being restored and a vitality that I hadn’t felt in months was rapidly returning. Sleep finally offered true rest again. I was so pleased with the results. The gift of good health had been returned!

I look forward to maintaining my health with the assistance and direction of the Far East Holistic Health Care Center.

Please accept my sincere gratitude and thanks.”

Carol V.