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Recovery From Auto Accident Injuries

“As you know, I was in an automobile accident. I broke my neck, herniated six discs and had extensive nerve and soft tissue damage. For the first two years following my accident I went to bed almost every night in so much pain, I prayed I would not wake up in the morning.

I had some of the best care the motion picture industry had to offer.  I had a good orthopedic doctor, a nerve specialist, and some of the best physical therapy in California. I went to a pain center for head and neck injuries, not to mention a TMJ specialist. Two and a half years later, my body was still riddled with pain. The pain directly affected my moods; I was impossible to be around. Then I started seeing you.

My hands and legs still go numb, however the pain I used to experience when that happens is about 50 percent less. Now, I can I raise my right arm over my head without wincing in pain and I can actually turn my head from side to side without hurting so much I feel like passing out. My headaches are about a tenth of what they used to be. My jaw doesn’t crack with each bite because of the TMJ anymore. I’m still pretty crippled up but at least you’ve got me moving again without screaming in agonizing pain.

Thank you isn’t enough, but thank you so very much!”

Geno G.