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Recovery From Auto Accident Injuries

“As you know, I was in an automobile accident. I broke my neck, herniated six discs and had extensive nerve and soft tissue damage. For the first two years following my accident I went to bed almost every night in so much pain, I prayed I would not wake up in the morning.

I had some of the best care

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Joint Pain Relief

“I had been experiencing pain in the joints of both hands. An orthopedic surgeon sent me to a lab for blood tests and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. I was then sent to see a Rheumatologist.

I went to see this new doctor who also sent me to a lab for blood and urine tests. He said the tests showed that I

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Success Story

“I was suffering from acute asthma. For about two months, I slept an average of one and one half hours per night. As soon as I laid down, my lungs were so constricted that I thought I was going to die. I did not want to take asthma medication because of the serious side effects.

I was in bad shape

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The Gift Of Good Health

“I was experiencing a growing feeling of dizziness and lethargy upon waking during the past year. Normal tasks drained me of my energy and sometimes even my patience. I had complained to a local doctor of the dizziness and he gave me a prescription that left me feeling sleepy, yet did not eliminate the dizziness. Several months later my menstrual cycle became

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