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Severe Back Pain

“If you are an acupuncture skeptic as I was before becoming a patient of Dr. Lee, please take notice of my experience.

Two years ago I severely strained my lower back. With traditional medical care and therapy it took nearly a month before I was able to return to work.

At work, while bending over to pick up my camera, I again felt the familiar pain of two years before. As the day wore on my back pain slowly increased. That night a heat pad was no help and I could not sleep.

Desperate from the pain, I went to see Dr. Lee the next morning. After that first treatment I can honestly say the pain was reduced by an incredible margin. Still being skeptical, I thought my back would soon tighten up again as I left the office for work. Nine hours later, I was still comfortable and was able to get a full night’s rest. I’m not claiming a miracle cure, I still need additional treatment. All I’m saying is Dr. Lee helped immensely and immediately. I am no longer a skeptic.”


Robert J.