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The Good that Acupuncture Can Do

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lee’s since 2004, and I’ve seen first-hand the good that acupuncture can do. For years I had weekly appointments for overall health, and I always made sure to let him know when my acid reflux or an old injury would flare up. A few needles in different places and 24 hours later it was like the problem had never happened.

Dr. Lee explained that it wasn’t just the injury he was treating, but how the body’s energy balance was affected by the injury. And just as every part of our body is connected, we’re all connected to each other. Our contribution of negative or positive energy to the world inevitably comes back to affect us. He shared that he applies the lessons of T’ai Chi Ch’uan in all areas of life, which emphasizes balance over conflict, contrasting with Western medicine’s more anatomically focused approach.

After years of treatments and many conversations with Dr. Lee, I’m determined to help him however I can to realize his vision of bringing Eastern and Western traditions of medicine together for long-term health and overall well-being.”

Jackson D.