The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made!

“I had a scar start to constrict on my left forearm. As it did so, it began to cause greater and greater pain and discomfort.

When it got to the point that I would cry from the pain, I went to see my primary physician. According to my medical plan’s structure, he referred me to a neurologist. This doctor did

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Chronic Back Pain Relief

“I have suffered from chronic back pain for over twelve years. In time my back condition has steadily gotten worse. It was confirmed through an MRI scan that I was suffering from a degenerative disc disease and that I also had herniated a disc that was pinching my sciatic nerve. The pain of sciatica is almost to incredible to describe

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“Having contracted a severe case of shingles on and around my left waist line, I was informed by my personal physician there was no immediate cure for shingles. However, I was told an epidural spinal block could possibly relieve the pain for a longer interval than the pain pills prescribed, but there was no guarantee. I received the spinal block,

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Help With Chronic Problems

“Thank you for helping me stop “freezing to death.” Your acupuncture sessions straightened out my circulation problem and went a long way to improve all my digestive problems after my surgery. They also improved my energy level greatly.

I’m still amazed that you stopped the progress of my bronchitis in only two days. As you know I have had chronic

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