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Chronic Back Pain Relief

“I have suffered from chronic back pain for over twelve years. In time my back condition has steadily gotten worse. It was confirmed through an MRI scan that I was suffering from a degenerative disc disease and that I also had herniated a disc that was pinching my sciatic nerve. The pain of sciatica is almost to incredible to describe and is something that can overwhelm your life. At times the shooting pain down my right leg was so bad, I could do nothing but lie on my side in bed. During other flare-ups, it’s almost impossible to walk, sit, or bend and that doesn’t leave too many options.

At the time of my first visit, I was in the midst of a severe flare-up. It was almost impossible to even dress myself. Dr. Lee treated me with utmost sensitivity and respect during my first consultation, and was anxious to start treatment immediately. After my first session of acupuncture, the pain had been eliminated by almost 40%! ONE TREATMENT! I continued to see Dr. Lee several times a week for several weeks until the pain had been virtually eliminated! I now see Dr. Lee periodically or when there is just a minor hint of pain.

I am convinced that his treatments for anything are all they claim to be! Hey it’s not like acupuncture is a fad or something – – it’s been working for centuries. There’s no reason for anyone to live in pain of any kind when there is this sort of treatment available.

A true believer,

Steve B.”