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“Having contracted a severe case of shingles on and around my left waist line, I was informed by my personal physician there was no immediate cure for shingles. However, I was told an epidural spinal block could possibly relieve the pain for a longer interval than the pain pills prescribed, but there was no guarantee. I received the spinal block, administered by an anesthesiologist at St. Joseph Medical Center for 6 consecutive days. This was not only costly, but was of no help at all.

After two months of enduring the pain of shingles, a friend recommended Dr. Lee for acupuncture treatment. After a few visits to Dr. Lee, the pain began to ease off and with each continuing visit, it gradually diminished until there was little or no pain at all.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Lee for his help in getting me back to normal health through acupuncture.”

 William H.