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Experiencing Great Relief!

“I had heard about the benefits of acupuncture from many friends before I came to you for treatment. Now that I know how effective it is, I wish I had come to see you much sooner.  I could have saved myself a lot of suffering!

I had been bothered by leg pain for months and had difficulty standing for any length of time. Now, I never even think about my legs because the problem is completely gone.  Asthma and back tension were two more difficulties for me.  Now, I rarely use asthma medication anymore even though I used to take it two or more times daily.  And, anytime I am discomforted by back tension, I find just one treatment will alleviate it for days.

Best of all, I’m experiencing great relief from the problems of PMS.  Menstrual difficulties have been a problem for me since I was a teenager.  At last, in my late thirties, I am experiencing the mildest symptoms ever.  I no longer have to schedule my life around my menstrual cycle and feel like a “normal person” for the first time in my life! 

I’m also beginning to notice relief from all of the other miscellaneous little physical annoyances that were getting worse and worse before I came under your care. Slowly but surely I am feeling healthier every day.  The Chinese herbal medications are soothing and effective.  The acupuncture and massage treatments are relaxing, pleasant, and fill me with energy.  I look forward to many years of continuing treatment and good health. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, I’m a happy and satisfied patient.”

With much gratitude,

Rae L.