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Torn Meniscus in Right Knee

“Several years ago I started visiting Dr. Lee for a torn meniscus in my right knee. After reading the testimonials in his waiting room, I was eager to begin treatment. Five visits (5 weeks) later I was very frustrated that my results were not as quick as I had hoped. But fortunately, thanks to insurance, I was able to continue treatments and right after that fifth week, my knee started to improve.

I was grateful and elated, but still skeptical because I still had not participated in the sports that probably caused the initial injury. When I returned to my home in New York City and resumed teaching aerobic exercises, dancing, riding my bike and walking daily, I was enthusiastic to report that my former pain was an inconvenience from the past!

Two years later I am boasting the same progress. Thank you acupuncture, herbal patches, Dr. Lee and your knowledge of Tai Chi.”

Ralph C., Jr.


Note: Ralph C., Jr. has since relocated to Los Angeles, CA. He continues to see Dr. Lee for Maintenance and Wellness Care and for any episodes of illness or injury.